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I can be funny sometimes.

Hi! This video is part of a series of videos that I'm in the middle of doing on how to make your eye colour pop.

Hey you! So in this video I share with you 10 beauty hacks that you may have not heard of / seen before! I really hope you find this helpful.
Love you all! - Roxi

Open for all info..♡

Two methods of how to clean your makeup brushes! Hopefully you find it helpful and enjoy the video! xoxo

Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD)
Here is a video showing you how I clean my makeup brushes! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!

It is so important to keep your beauty blenders and brushes clean! Dirty tools lead to breakouts which lead to stress which leads to eating a lot of junk food which leads to even more breakouts..