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I can be funny sometimes.

"People who shine from within don't need a spotlight"

• Can we get this video to 8000 likes?! •

I know what you're thinking... It's about time she posts that glitter cut crease eyeshadow tutorial!. I know I had promised this eyeshadow tutorial to you guys a little while back.

Who doesn't love warm browns and creams for a smokey eye?!!
Look Inspired by @janeenersss -

Heeeeey you, so i finally got around to filming this black and gold eyeshadow look! You guys requested it like crazy!!!

My take on a fall makeup look. Warm smokey eye with a pop of bright gold! I'm obsessed with marios palette, the shadows are so pigmented.

Hey loves, welcome back to my channel!!! Since it’s fall and many of you requested a fall makeup look i created this dark burgundy look for you guys!