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You can make your eyelashes seem fuller and define them by applying eyeliner to your waterline.  Using cosmetics in this fashion will emphasize your eyes and make them look beautiful.

You may already put eyeliner below your lower lashes and above your upper lashes.  When you apply eyeliner to your waterline however, you do so above your lower lashes along the inside rim surrounding your eye, and along the inside rim underneath your top lashes.

By using eyeliner on your waterline, you will create a bolder appearance with makeup that gets you noticed.  You may like this look all day long, or prefer to use it in the evening when your eyes require extra definition.

You will need a soft kohl eyeliner pencil, as hard eyeliner will be more difficult to apply.  Many people use black eyeliner to make their eyelashes seem fuller, but if it’s your intention to add color rather than definition to frame your eyes, you may choose any color that suits you.

It’s easiest to apply eyeliner to your waterline when you haven’t yet put on eyeshadow that could smudge during

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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day.  While many women are comfortable applying their own makeup, hiring a wedding makeup artist helps the bride feel special and helps ensure her makeup looks great in photographs.  The following suggestions will help a bride find the right wedding day makeup artist for the big day.

Ask to See the Wedding Makeup Portfolio

Makeup artists who have been working as an artist regularly will have a portfolio available for prospective clients to review.  A portfolio is designed to showcase the best work of the makeup artist.  When looking for a wedding makeup artist, it is important to see examples of other wedding makeup applications.

While looking through the portfolio, it is important to pay attention to the smaller details.  For example, a well-rounded makeup artist will showcase people with a variety of skin tones, different makeup looks, and a wide range of ages. 

Makeup artists who are at the start of their career may not have an extensive portfolio to share with potential clients.  Often,

The point of these vlogs is to raise awareness for breast cancer and
encourage self-breast exams to promote early detection. 1 in 8 women
will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm 31 years old and never thought
this would happen to me as I live a healthy lifestyle. PLEASE SHARE
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First up, my apologies as you may hear my dog's tail wagging against the
desk in the background! This was my first ever voice over and I didn't
expect the microphone to be that sensitive!

Thank you for
watching this video.This is my everyday makeup look at the moment., I
enjoy the time it takes to put on makeup and I appreciate the artistry
so much more since the start of my breast cancer journey.


Products Used:
TooFaced Hangover RX
Bobby Brown Hydrating Eye Cream
Christian Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm
Benefit POREfessional
L'Oreal Miracle Blur -- Sun Beige
MAC Paint Pot -- Soft Orche
Anastasia Beverly Hill Eyeshadow -- Creme
Urban Decay Electric Palette -- Savage
Ardell Glamour Whispies
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer | Custard + MAC LightBoost
MAC Studio Fix Powder | NW20
Nars Bronzer | Laguna
MAC Pink Swoon Blush
Gerard Cosmetics -- All Dolled Up
Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss -- Fiji