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No matter what your age or what look you are trying to achieve, there are some things you simply must have in your purse or makeup kit.  Keeping an assortment of makeup brushes in your makeup kit allows you to achieve a variety of looks for any occasion.

Whether you are building your first makeup kit from scratch or replacing the worn out parts of it, you need to have these 10 essential brushes on hand:

           1.  Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is used for applying solid or liquid concealer and other correctors.  Even young women often have skin imperfections and uneven pigments, and concealers are perfect for hiding them.  As we age, that concealer brush is the best choice for hiding everything from redness to unsightly dark circles.  Look for a concealer brush with a rounded shape for more natural application.

2.  Powder Brush

Every woman needs to have some powder in her purse, and a good brush to apply it.  A powder brush is made

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Retro beauty is all about strong brows, lips, and eyeliner contrasting with a bright complexion.  It's a glamorous look, but very simple to achieve.  The basic makeup involves just a few products and four simple steps.


True vintage beauty starts with flawless, matte skin.  Use concealer to cover any blemishes or dark undereye circles.  A cream-to-powder foundation will give you good coverage and a matte finish in one step.  Another option is to use a full-coverage cream or liquid foundation and then top it with loose powder. 


Shapely brows are the most important -- and most often neglected -- feature in a pinup look.  You need strong brows to balance bold lips and liner.  The arches can be peaked  or rounded, but the edges should look unnaturally immaculate.  Waxing or threading are the best ways to get an architectural look, followed by tweezing to clean up stragglers.  Apply brow powder with an angled brush.  Outline the top of the brow, then the bottom edge, then fill in the center to get a clean, well-defined

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It may feel glamorous to buy your makeup from the cosmetics counter at a swanky department store, but the glow will quickly fade when the credit card bill arrives.  The cost of high end designer makeup brands such as Estee Lauder and Lancome can really take a bite out of your budget and it may not be worth the free samples they throw in with your purchase or the glamorous bag you carry out of the store.  The reality is that drugstore makeup can provide many of the same benefits as designer cosmetics if chosen properly.

It might surprise you to learn that drugstore makeup may come off of the same assembly line as the designer makeup lines you buy at cosmetic counters.  Although they may not have the same fancy packaging or a big name on the cover, it may be the same product that’s sold at the cosmetic counter of your local department store.  The key is to learn to recognize a quality cosmetic product, regardless of its packaging.

One of the advantages of buying makeup at the cosmetics counter is the opportunity to try it on before you buy it.  In most cases, you’re not

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