My Massive WIG Collection ♥

from Team Xplore
2 years ago

Do you guys guess which wig belongs to what character? Let me know if you did on the comments below. Since I started doing Makeup tutorials on youtube, I purchased a lot of wigs. Wigs are a lot of fun to collect, You can totally look like a different person just by changing a wig. Its fun to experiment with different colors and see what hair style or color suits you the most. I hope you guys liked my wig collection.

Wig Giveaway :
Go to Darnell Wold's Website :
Pick a wig you like from his website and then comment below in this Video
2 winners will be chosen and announced here in 2 weeks
This is open internationally
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- My Cosplay wigs are mostly from Ebay but the fashionable ombre ones are from Darnell.

- I store them in Ziploc Bags to save space in my closet. I keep the nicer ones on a styrofoam heads from Joann's

-I don't wear my wigs out often. I live in florida so it gets really hot and sweaty

- My wigs cost from $10-100+

If you have any more Wig questions let me know below so I can answer them

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