10 Essential Makeup Brushes Every Woman Must Have


No matter what your age or what look you are trying to achieve, there are some things you simply must have in your purse or makeup kit.  Keeping an assortment of makeup brushes in your makeup kit allows you to achieve a variety of looks for any occasion.

Whether you are building your first makeup kit from scratch or replacing the worn out parts of it, you need to have these 10 essential brushes on hand:

           1.  Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is used for applying solid or liquid concealer and other correctors.  Even young women often have skin imperfections and uneven pigments, and concealers are perfect for hiding them.  As we age, that concealer brush is the best choice for hiding everything from redness to unsightly dark circles.  Look for a concealer brush with a rounded shape for more natural application.

2.  Powder Brush

Every woman needs to have some powder in her purse, and a good brush to apply it.  A powder brush is made of natural hair, and it is the perfect tool for applying both loose and pressed powder.  A powder brush is also a great tool for applying tanning powder - a great alternative to the dangerous rays of the sun or the local tanning salon.

           3.  Foundation Brush

Your makeup kit should also contain a good foundation brush for applying cream and liquid foundation.  A good foundation brush will have long synthetic hairs to make it easy to spread the foundation evenly and give it a more natural look.  Applying foundation with a brush is more effective, since applying it with your fingers could make it look uneven.

           4.  Flat Brush

The flat brush is a must have for every woman.  This natural hair brush is used to apply both light and dark eye shadow powder.  You can use a flat brush to intensify the color of your eyes and change your look on the go.  The flat shape of the brush and the density of its natural hairs makes it easy to add powder quickly, so you can trade your light day color for a more dramatic darker shade at night.

           5.  Blush Brush

Every makeup kit needs a good natural hair blush brush.  You can use your blush brush to apply not only blushes but tanning powders and highlighters as well.  The beveled cut of the blush brush is designed to mold to the cheekbones, making it easier for the blush to do its job of restructuring your face by creating dramatic areas of light and shadow.

           6.  Angled Eye Brush

Sometimes powdered eye shadow is not the right choice, and for those moments  you have the angled eye brush.  This must-have brush is perfect for applying cream and liquid eye shadows and liners.  You can instantly make your eyes look larger and more dramatic with a flick of the brush.  A good angled eye brush will have a beveled edge for more precise eye shadow application.

           7.  Eye Shadow Brush

If you want an even more dramatic look, you can pull out your eye shadow brush to apply a halo of eye shadow powder.  That halo of light or dark powder will illuminate your eyes and provide a stunning look for your night on the town.  Every evening bag should include one of these essential brushes.

           8.  Eye Crease Brush

The creases of your eyes are important to your overall beauty, and that is where this brush comes in.  The eye crease brush is designed to apply powdered eye shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye.  The resulting gradations of color can be quite dramatic, and the tapered eye crease brush makes it all possible.

           9.  Lip Brush

You will be applying and re-applying lipstick or lip gloss all day long, and you need a good tool to do it.  A retractable lip brush is used to apply those lipsticks and lip glosses while softening the contoured lines of your lips.  A good lip brush has a fine tip to make the application easier.

           10.  Eyelash/Eyebrow Brush and Comb

This brush does double duty as a brush and a comb, and it is used to highlight the eyes and give them a more natural look.  The comb is used to remove excess mascara and keep the eyelashes under control, while the brush makes it easy to blend in eye pencils and eye shadow when redrawing the eyebrow line.

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