NO DRAWING !! Very Easy Nail Art - BEGINNERS !! Very Easy Nail Designs Tutorial

from Alana Nau
7 years ago
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This is a Very Easy Nail Art for BEGINNERS! ❥ With this Very Easy Nail Designs Tutorial, you will learn a quick beautiful, colorful design to do yourself that needs no drawing at all!!

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In this video we shall try a very simple and pretty nail design that is perfect for beginners. It has a messy look, where it's charm lies, so that works even more in your favor if you are a beginner and looking for some very easy nail art for beginners, that is quick and extremely simple to be followed!

The best thing according to me about this look is that you do not even need to do any actual drawing. This means that when you are creating this look, you do not have to worry about shaky hands and correct design and patterns, but just pick up the brush and create some mess! To add to the wild mess of the nail polish created in step one, with the fanning brush, in the step two, we just use some crazy splatter technique! Following that,l you wait for a few minutes till the whole thing settles down perfectly and dries up and then you just apply a top coat!

For those of you who are new to doing your nails, you might be wondering why should one even use a top coat and the whole purpose it is meant to serve. Well, it protects the design from fading out and the polish from chipping off. Also, you will notice when you watch this video that here, in order to create this Very Easy Nail Designs Tutorial , we have used paint in the step two, unlike the nail polish in step one. So that water based paint, while easy and needed for splatter, will bleed off instantly in water. So in order to keep that safe, we need to be using a fine top coat.

The products used - well I have stared the links in the above section for you to be able to find them easily. The nail polishes were just normal regular polishes, hence their links have not been shared.

The products used were brought with my own money from the links shared above. I have shared them for your sake, but I do not represent the company or take any liability on their behalf.

You can use many colors shades here, but if the base colors permit, the best spray and splatter effect is with black, since it off sets the bright effect of the colors in the background. I seem here to have used only two colors - pink and blue, but if you note, there is a trace of purple too. That is because the colors blue and pink mixed at some points while doing this design which created purple and and hence it seems to be peeking here and there! I love mixing my color shades, and honestly, this is my most loved combination of all!

This design is based on two or three concepts that are seldom used in nail art. I wonder why! For me splatter has always been a lot of fun and I love creating these kinds of looks all the time, so this time I thought why not make a video out of it! I have an entire list of videos where only the simplest and easiest designs are shared. If you wish to watch more of such videos, on my channel on this playlist -

And, here is one more on splatter :

I hope you enjoy these two links that I have shared here. And also, I hope you enjoyed this video and creating this look! Please post your creative ideas, suggestions and requests in the comment box below!

This is a great look to try on both your hands, even if you are not someone too comfortable working with your non dominant hand. this should make a great toe nail art too! Though cleaning up would take more time in that case, unless you use the glue method shred above!

The video was created entirely by me, but the music has been taken from the youtube library.
Track - Tonto.

Thank you all for watching this quick and simple Very Easy Nail Designs Tutorial and this very easy nail art for beginners! Enjoy!

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