Natural Contouring: HD Makeup Tutorial

from Alana Nau
7 years ago
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Contouring doesn't have to look striped! Jordan Liberty creates an easy spring look featuring natural contouring on model Ashley Brielle. For NEW contouring videos, check out my channel page and make sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!!! Here's all you need to know about "under-the-radar" contouring: 1. What is contouring and highlighting? From an artist's perspective, contouring is just a form of shading, or adding DEPTH. This is why you contour areas that you want to look concave (go inward), like the lower part of the cheekbones. These deeper shadows can change the curvature of the face, add dimension, and can even transform a face completely! Think about it: a 3-dimensional object is defined by how light falls on it. Highlighting does the opposite of contouring, it makes objects appear convex (go outward). It can also make the face look lifted and youthful, which is why many of my more mature clients are more highlight-savvy than their daughters. 2. How to choose your contour shade: as a general rule, you want your contour shade to be DARKER and COOLER than your skin tone. Because contouring is just a fancy way of creating shadows, you want to mimic the cool gray color that a shadow casts over the skin. This is why contouring products look drab and dark - and also why bronzers make such terrible contour colors. Bronzers warm the skin - we want to cool it down! Can you contour with a bronzer? Yes - but it will be much more apparent and can even make the skin look dirty. 3. How to choose a highlighter: opposite your contour shade, you have many options for highlighters. A natural highlighter will be semi-matte or luminescent and will be just LIGHTER and WARMER than your skin tone. Marilyn Monroe was known to wear solid white powder as a highlighter, and today's celebs use luminescent golds and pinks - the sky is the limit. 4. Where to PLACE your contours and highlights: every face is different! In this video I contoured Ashley's nose to show technique, but in real life I usually just define her cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Try not to contour features that are already strong! For a general layout of contouring, look here: What products can you use to contour and highlight with? For this video, we used cream foundations - but in many of our videos, we use powder products. We used a darker and cooler foundation shade to contour, and a warm golden foundation shade to highlight. If you can't find a good foundation shade to contour with, you can always mix your own! Mixing a little black pigment into a foundation will darken it and cool it down. Some other favorites are: MakeUpForEver Contour Kits Smashbox Step-By-Step Contouring Kit Kevyn Aucoin Contour Powder Smashbox "Artificial Light" Luminizing Lotions and "Halo" Wands MakeUpForEver "Uplight" MAC "Strobe Cream" Smashbox "Soft Lights" Powders Benefit "Sun Beam, High Beam," and "Moon Beam" Products used in this video: Smashbox Studio Skin 15-Hour Wear Foundation in "4.1" applied with Stilazzi Foundation Brush. IMAN Stick Foundation in "Earth 7" to contour, applied with Studio Gear Concealer Brush. Cinema Secrets Cream Foundation to highlight. Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in "Fetish" applied with Stilazzi Foundation Brush. MakeUpForEver HD Powder applied with Stilazzi Fan Brush. Smashbox PhotoFinish Lid Primer. Urban Decay "Toasted" Shadow applied with Stilazzi Crease Blender Brush. Smashbox "Indigo Ink" Limitless liner Pencil. Smashbox "Cabernet" Shadow applied with Stilazzi Crease Brush. Smashbox "Eye Beam" Double-Ended Eye Brightener. Smashbox "Full Exposure" Mascara. Bobbi Brown "Espresso" Brow Shadow applied with Stilazzi Angle Brush. Smashbox "Primrose" Be Legendary Lipstick and Stilazzi Lip Brush. Smashbox "Pop" Lip Enhancing Gloss. Model is wearing "Metallic4Life" Polish by Nicki Minaj for OPI. You can do our looks with any color! This channel is all about technique and we encourage you to make this look your own! Check out the official GGF Store at Director of Photography: Arvil Prewitt A Linear Entertainment Group Production Photography: Jonathan Sorber Direction/Edit: Jordan Liberty Model: Ashley Brielle

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