Lost Treasure Lip Art

from Alana Nau
7 years ago
Alana Nau's picture

Huge thank you for the wonderful music wrote by Aaron Haggerty Instagram: aaron_on_drums and Taylor Graves www.soundcloud.com/taylors-beats

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Products used:

Base color: Blackmoon Cosmetics Myth liquid lipstick http://www.blackmooncosmetics.com/collections/lipsticks/products/myth-li...

Top coat: Sugarpill Cosmetics Lumi eyeshadow https://sugarpillcosmetics.com/products/lumi-loose-eyeshadow

Gold sequins from an arts supply store

Gold drip: Sugarpill Cosmetics Goldilux eyeshadow https://sugarpillcosmetics.com/products/goldilux-loose-eyeshadow mixed with a clear lip gloss

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