Glitterati Lip Tattoo & Lip Word Tattoo | Kandee Johnson

from Alana Nau
7 years ago
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Get ready to decorate your lips for the holidays: with the Glitterati Lip Tattoos! And special "read my lips" message for New Year's Eve (i love those!) I love the Violent Lips Tattoos - they are so fun..and if you wear them like I did on 4th of will get soooooooo many compliments and people even wanting to take your picture! COME SEE WHAT I'M UP TO EVERYWHERE ONLINE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: PINTEREST: TUBMLR: SNAPCHAT - I do this a lot: @kandeejohnson MY 2ND YOUTUBE CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE to me here: Check out their entire line of Violent Lip tattoos here: These are so can watch my 4th of July video, where I debuted mine here too: (these are sooooo fun!) huge love and lips that will literally, stop traffic.... your kandee

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