French Almond Glitter - Traditional French Acrylic Nail Technique - Step By Step Tutorial

from Alana Nau
7 years ago
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Suzie designs acrylic nails using the traditional french technique - with a beautiful twist: Almond-shaped acrylic nails, with French Glitter. This in-depth step by step tutorial has many great tips.

0:21 Nails already prepped for application
0:27 Prep Step applied
0:34 Primer applied
0:54 Sue chooses color Rose Gold by Magnetic
1:31 Using a Form - and why explained
2:42 Sue uses #8 Oval Brush
2:56 Sculpting Nail with Liquid and Powder
3:14 Shaping French Line
5:42 Apply Pink on Nail Bed
7:05 Clear Cap the French Glitter
10:15 Liquid Dispenser
11:20 Filing with Drill to Change Square shape to Almond
13:57 Hand File
14:23 Smooth Cuticle with Safety Bit
14:46 Hand File
15:42 Apply Oil
16:20 UV Blocking Clear Top Coat
17:41 Finished Nails Reveal Photo's

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