Christmas Wedding Hair - Romantic Updo Hairstyle For Long Hair

7 years ago
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Today’s hair tutorial:

Christmas Wedding Hair - Romantic Updo Hairstyle For Long Hair

This romantic updo hairstyle is perfect for a Christmas wedding or party. It might look slightly complicated at first glance. But, we promise it’s not! Join us while we show you how to achieve this stunning look in just a few simple steps.

Start by dividing your hair into two sections to create two ponytails. Leave a few strands in the front to frame your face (we'll style these later on).

Once you’ve secured the first ponytail, add an elastic band roughly four fingers under the first hair band, loop through the hair and then loosen up the strands. Repeat until you’ve worked your way down to the ends. Make another ponytail and repeat the same steps to create a looped ponytail.

Add hairspray or texturizing spray to the two looped ponytails before pinning them into place. This will help add texture to the hair but also help hold the hair into place.

Take the left looped ponytail and pull it to your right side (over the right ponytail) placing it over your ear and on the front part of your head, creating a half crown. Pin it into place using bobby pins. Take the right looped ponytail and place it parallel to the first ponytail (both ponytails should be going in the same direction). Secure the hairstyle using bobby pins. Don’t worry if the hairstyle doesn’t come out looking neat and perfect, we’re going for a romantic bohemian look here.

Add hair accessories to hide the elastic bands. We used fresh flowers that we pinned into place using bobby pins. Curl the loose strands in the front and then add some hairspray/texturizing spray before gently finger-combing it.

We used 5 pieces of clip in hair extensions from the 22" Glam set in the color Chocolate Brown 4 and Chestnut Brown 6 to create highlights. Applying clip in hair extensions to your hair is a great way of adding highlight without having to color your own hair. The clip ins also help add volume and vibrance to the hairstyle.

To achieve this romantic boho updo, you will need the following: elastic bands, bobby pins, hairspray, hair accessories, and clip in hair extensions (optional).

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