Beauty Blender Pro Tips & Tricks

from Alana Nau
7 years ago
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How to properly clean a Beauty Blender, tips and tricks to get an airbrushed flawless foundation with the Beauty Blender and why the knock-off don't come close. Watch my last here: Do you guys love this makeup look?!! Like and share this video to show everyone how awesome you are to share tips! SUBSCRIBE TO ME HERE: Watch my last video here: COME SEE WHAT I'M UP TO EVERYWHERE ONLINE: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MY 2ND YOUTUBE CHANNEL: DISCLAIMER: No one paid me a thing to make this bideo. I had my mom go to Sephora and buy this beauty blender and cleanser for me. She's such a great mom. I did give her money to buy it, so I sponsored my mom to go to Sephora, and she sponsored me with her time to go there. So sponsored myself. So I guess this is a sponsored video! ha ha ha ha Beauty Blender Pro Tips & Tricks

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