100 Pumps of Conditioner?!?| Natural Hair

7 years ago
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Hey guys! So today I did a fun experiment to see how my hair turned out with 100 pumps of conditioner left in it to dry in my natural curly hair. (This goes against every bottle of conditioner that say a dime sized or a quarter sized amount. lol) Since my hair is really thick, I was worried that too much product would make it flaky, would give me a ton of product buildup, and would take forever to dry. Check out the video to see whether this turned out to be a HUGE fail or a major success!

Edited w/: iMovie
Filmed with: Canon T3i
Lighting: 2 LimoStudio soft box lights and Bestlight 48 LED Macro Ring Light

Song: On & On
Artist: Cartoon (feat. Daniel Levi)
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